Loft is in the Air – Game Jam Build Download


Loft is in the Air is a fun and super tough little puzzle platformer in which you play a real estate agent who has to smash through all the walls in an apartment to satisfy demand for the latest yuppie trend – the one room apartment.

Loft is in the Air starts off fairly easily with a simple apartment and a few walls to smash though. You smash through them with the dash button, destroying them instantly, sending furniture flying through the air and creating a desirable big open loft space for your clients. Things really start to get tough in later levels though – with deadly hazards such as electricity, rats and gun-mounted security cameras to contend with. You might think these hazards would put some potential owners off buying an apartment, but no, as long as a big open space they’re more than happy!

Loft in the Air impresses with it’s charming pixel art visuals, fun sense of humor and challenging puzzle design. A great little puzzle platformer well worth taking a bash at.

Notes: On the map screen you can purchase upgrades with your hard earned cash, they come in handy when trying to get a 3 star rating!  Also to go through doors you need to hold up or down then press the jump button (works while in the air too)

Tip: If you dash through a wall/ceiling, you can dash again immediately!

Download Loft is in the Air Here (Win & Mac)