Loggerhead – Alpha Demo

Loggerhead is a very funny VHS styled fixed camera survival horror game where you run into some serious trouble in the Australian outback.

Drawing inspiration from Silent Hill and Resident Evil, Loggerhead is a retro survival horror game with puzzle solving, inventory management, fixed camera angles and tank controls. The demo acts as a prequel to the full game and follows a mid-aged couple who are planning to go camping at Boggarogga Creek, Australia. However, after stopping at a gas station for some smokes, they may not make the campaign trip after all!

The Loggerhead demo takes around 15 minutes to play though and allows you to choose which one of the two characters you want to play as (both with entertainingly silly Ozzie voiceovers). The grimy retro visuals work well and the soundtrack is excellent. The gameplay is a little janky (particularly the combat and reloading), but it’s a fun slice of retro survival horror with a welcome dose of humor. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Loggerhead Gameplay Video Here

Download The Loggerhead Alpha Demo Here (Steam)