LOK Digital – Beta Demo

LOK Digital is a stylish and creative word search puzzle game where you attempt to spell certain words that allow you to black out all of the cells in each level.

Based on the popular puzzle book by Letibus Design, LOK Digital sees you helping cute little inky black creatures turn white grids all black. In each level you’re presented with a grid of white cells, most of which have letters on them. The words you spell have different effects (for example, spelling LOK allows you to choose one extra cell to be blacked out). The words can only be spelled in a line, but once a cell has been blacked out, you can skip over it when spelling another word.

It’s a very intuitive puzzle game with a great visual style and some very creative puzzle design (especially when different words are introduced). It’s a very clever take on the word search genre that works even better in digital form.

Download The LOK Digital Beta Demo Here (Steam)