Lonely Mountains: Downhill – Kickstarter Demo

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a beautiful, peaceful and brutal low poly mountain biking game in which you carve a path down vast unspoiled mountainsides and avoid the many hazards that will cause your demise.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a mountain biking game that celebrates the joy of mountain biking and getting back to nature rather than turning it into a sponsor-filled spectator sport. It’s just you, a mountain bike and the mountain, with you able to tackle it however you like. It’s great for to just ride and enjoy yourself but it’s also ideal for speedrunners as there always seems to be a new, slightly faster route for you to discover.

The full game will feature unlockable bikes, multiple game modes, and numerous mountains to race down, each with a wide array of routes and hidden shortcuts for you to discover. The current Kickstarter demo build gives you one minute to make your way as far as you can down one of them. There will be plenty of failures, but thanks to the different routes to discover and the comically brutal ragdoll crashes it never frustrates – in fact it can be just as fun to crash as it is to ride.

Even in these early stages of development Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a fantastic experience that manages to mix brutal ragdoll crashes with gorgeous low poly mountains and a fantastically freeform approach to mountain biking. A beautiful place to carve your way down idyllic mountainscapes then run face first into a tree!

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Download The Kickstarter Demo Build Here (Windows & Mac)