Lonely Things – Alpha Demo

Lonely Things is a creepy and surreal first person adventure game that sees you checking into a hotel you may never leave!

In Lonely Things you take on the role of a motorist who has stopped at a remote motel to get some rest after a long night’s drive. It’s not the nicest looking hotel and half of the room doors are boarded up, but a bed is a bed. However, when you wake up you find a strange note on your door, explaining that your car has been stolen and to meet a mysterious lady in the bar. From here on in things just get stranger and stranger…

The current build of Lonely Things takes around 20 minutes to play through and takes some very weird twists along the way. In it you search the hotel for clues about what’s going on there, speak to odd characters and solve puzzles. It’s pretty creepy but it’s more of a surreal Twin Peaks-esque experience than a full blown horror game. It’s an intriguing adventure well worth checking into.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Lonely Things Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)