Long in the Tooth – Game Jam Build Download

Long in the Tooth is a beautifully drawn point and click adventure that follows the adventure of a toothless old man who has just discovered the Fountain of Youth.

Created for AdvJam 2021, Long in the Tooth is a lighthearted point and click adventure about an old man who has spent his life in search of the Fountain of Youth. The game starts with him having just discovered the fountain, but before he can sample it’s rejuvenating fluids he’s snapped up by a big monster. Thankfully the fountain may be of some help…

The current build of Long in the Tooth takes around 15 minutes to play through and features the first chapter of what is likely to be a three chapter story. It’s a very well crafted little adventure with a great sense of humor, beautiful hand drawn visuals and cleverly designed puzzles. Its novel take on the properties of the Fountain of Youth is very creative too and it makes for a very unique time-bending narrative. Highly recommended.

Download Long in the Tooth Here (Windows)