The Long Way – Game Jam Build

the long way

The Long Way, a game made for the Global Game Jam 15, has you hitching a ride. To where, you might ask? Not even you are sure.

In The Long Way, you are at the mercy of other cars. Looking for a ride to a new destination, just the next town over, you must walk down the road with your thumb out in hopes of a nice bypasser will stop. Sometimes papers litter the side of the road with mysterious messages on them. Other times, it is just you and the beautiful, colorful scenery. Once a car stops however, that is when the game really begins.

Getting a car to stop is seemingly random, but being able to stay in the car is not. There are many different characters who may stop for you. Some of them just are nice people, looking to tell you jokes, while others are important characters that are trying to lead your to your destination. You must pick the right responses and topics of conversation to keep these characters from throwing you out of your car. Show sympathy for characters that have lost their dogs, or play along with jokes. One character even requires you to be more imaginative, or be kicked out, back onto the cold street.

After a while of traveling, you seem to end up in a dangerous part town full of conspiracy ridden citizens in the middle of nowhere. Saying just the right things can lead you to the ‘big bad’ guy and allow you to complete the game.

Will you ever get to your destination, or will you be forever wandering these mysterious streets?

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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