Lonk’s Greedy Adventure – Game Jam Build

Lonk’s Greedy Adventure is a fun little Zelda parody that pokes fun at Link’s hoarding ways, as you set out on an epic to save the Princess Zulda from her kidnapper.

Note: The following article contains minor spoilers, we’d recommend playing the game at least once before reading on.

In Lonk’s Greedy Adventure you help the heroic little Lonk as he storms the Dark Castle on Stuffia Island and attempts to save the Princess Zulda who is being held captive there. Much like in any good Zelda adventure there’s lots of loot to collect, such as a shield, grappling hook and the Ultra Master Sword, but the question is, do you really need them?

Lonk starts the game as quite a spritely and nimble fellow, but with every new item you collect you get slower, heavier and less agile. Each new item you pick up does give you a new ability, it also encumbers you more, making you slower and unable to make large jumps. Should you pick up everything you see? Or should you show a little restraint?

There are eight different endings and various different routes through the world dependent on the choices you make, and it’s great fun experimenting to find them all. It’s a clever little adventure with a nice sense of humor and a great message.behind it – don’t be greedy or you’ll end up splatted at the bottom of an Anvil pit!

Play Lonk’s Greedy Adventure Here (Browser)