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Loop Game

Loop, a fast paced Downwell-esque game made for the CGA Jam, sees you replaying the same looping level, but faster and with slight modifications as you attempt to get the highest score possible.

In Loop, you play a small orb that is falling down a hole full of platforms, spikes, enemies, and gems. All of these objects must be reacted to differently – gems can be picked up for extra points, platforms and spikes need to be avoided, and enemies need to be bashed to slow down your speed.

As you whizz through the level, you will notice the green and red outlined areas – platforms that look to have faded and just left an outline. These platforms will appear as you progress, changing the level layout a little. Your barriers are your lives. You get three of them, that slowly recharge after you take a hit. Once you make it to the bottom of this hole, you will instantly reappear at the top, but with an increased maximum velocity and increased gravity. You must try to keep yourself from hitting platforms before you hit too many and die.

Loop not only has very detailed graphics in the limited color pallet required by the jam, but it also incorporates three themes seamlessly to make a fantastic game. It’s a tough and addictive games that will really test your reflexes as you descend deeper and deeper into the pit.

Download or Play Loop Here (Windows & Browser)