Loop Hero – Beta Demo

Loop Hero is a very inventive RPG adventure that combines CCG and roguelike elements as you fight to escape a never ending loop of chaos that a Lich has plunged the world into.

Currently in development by Four Quarters (creators of Please, Don’t Touch Anything), Loop Hero is an RPG adventure where you set out on unique roguelike expeditions into looping battlefields that evolve as you play. It takes place in a world that’s been plunged into a timeless loop where you seem to be the only one able to see what’s going on and do something about it.

You have an upgradeable base camp that is home to some other survivors, but you are the only one able to venture out into the loop. Each time you set out on an expedition you are presented with a randomly generated looping path that your character automatically walks around and battles any enemies he comes across.

When you defeat enemies in the loop you can earn weapons, equipment and cards. You can equip the weapons and equipment to make your character a formidable fighter and the cards are used to add structures to the looping path you are walking around. Some structures are beneficial and allow you to gather resources while others are used to spawn enemies. You actually want enemies to spawn for the most part as it allows you to collect more loot and cards.

Each time you walk around the loop a day passes and the enemies get tougher. You can pack up and go back to your base if you like or you can continue, but if you die then you’ll lose a proportion of your resources. When you go back to your base you lose all your loot, weapons and equipment but you do keep the resources you gathered, which can be used to craft and upgrade different parts of your base.

It’s a very clever concept for a game that makes for a very addictive experience. The fusion of CCG and roguelike elements works really well and the way you learn little scraps of lore as youplay is well done. You won’t regret getting stuck in this looping adventure. Highly recommended.

Download The Loop Hero Beta Demo Here (Steam)