Loop The Loop – Student Project Download

loop the loop

Loop The Loop is a wonderful first person audio/visual experience in which you traverse a strange dreamlike world, full of impossible architecture and surreal beauty.

There are themes war throughout Loop The Loop, with you starting next to a crashed fighter plane, and exploring a surreal world, full of structures and sounds that are reminiscent of the WWII-era.  There are many strange and wondrous sights to see as you traverse the infinite looping landscape, including military-buildings, huge pulsing mounds and moving statues, all under the presence of an ever spinning, broken clock-face.

The presence of the crashed plane may be an indicator that you have died in combat – but the surreal world of Loop The Loop doesn’t feel heavenly, it feels more like a limbo, bridging otherworldly beauty with real world war.  Beautiful, surreal and captivating stuff.

Check Out a Gameplay Video HERE

Download Loop The Loop HERE (Windows Only)