Loophole: Universe 25 – Alpha Demo

Loophole: Universe 25 is a surreal point and click adventure set in a bureaucratic, authoritarian city where paperwork is all-important and Gordain Roomsey, the Goverment’s Head Chef, is up to no good.

Taking place in the year 2015, Loophole: Universe 25 follows the adventures of a disgruntled civil servant called John Smith, who carries out a thankless, paper-pushing job at The Ministry of Licences. John needs to increase his social score to higher than one to earn government credits, but isn’t particularly good at his job and now finds himself trapped within his own office. Time to escape and discover what’s really going in this bizarre highly polluted authoritarian city!

The current build of Loophole: Universe 25 takes around 20 minutes to play through and really impresses with its stylish visuals, quirky sense of humor, fun in-jokes and wonderfully weird twists. Some of the puzzles can feel a little obtuse (making the second key for example), but it has a very interesting world and a very intriguing story that you’ll want to see more of.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Loophole: Universe 25 Alpha Demo Here (Windows)