Loot Box Simulator – Beta Download

Loot Box Simulator is a surprisingly well fleshed out satirical loot box simulator that sees you opening hundreds of loot boxes in your quest to save Todd the Samurai from the evil Robert Nevin Gatchavarious.

Interestingly, while most mainstream game companies these days are keen to build loot boxes into their games, Loot Box Simulator builds a game into loot boxes. You start the game by simply opening boxes and earning random loot, such as backgrounds, skins, box models and skyboxes, which you can use to customize your loot bot opening experience.

Due to the RNG there is a lot of grinding to do in the game, but it’s got a great sense of humor and before long a narrative unfolds. It seems a heroic samurai called Todd has been split into five pieces and hidden in loot boxes. You’ll need to find Todd’s pieces, defeat the evil R.N. Gatchavarious and his three minions to complete your quest.

You’ll have to open a LOT of loot boxes to complete your quest. Of course you also have to earn those loot boxes – which you can do by watching adverts, completing surveys, completing minigames and completing achievements.

While loot boxes are ruining games, Loot Box Simulator manages to turn loot boxes into a genuinely good game. It’s full of fun surprises and witty digs at the game industry. A loot box adventure well worth opening.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Loot Box Simulator Beta Here (Windows)