Loot Box Simulator – Game Jam Build Download

Loot Box Simulator is the true future of gaming – an evolution of EA’s ‘innovative’ game design that removes all the unnecessary garbage like gameplay and narrative, instead focusing on what’s really important – grinding, spending cash and opening loot boxes to level up your stats!

Loot Box Simulator plays like a 3D physics based incremental clicker. You start with one loot box which you can shake to earn a little in game currency and the occasional bit of loot that drops out. The in game currency from the loot box (and the currency that drops from the sky) can be used to purchase more loot boxes, as well as upgrades such as more loot per box, more loot grade luck and more inventory slots. In true EA style, you can also ‘Pay-To-Win’ by using the faux real cash that you earn in game as time goes by.

The loot that pops out from the boxes is in the form of cards, with stats on them that you can view if you use the mouse wheel to bring them closer to the screen, The loot can be slid down the ramp in front of the pedestal into your inventory box or ground up for more cash. It’s only the best item in each inventory box that actually has any effect so you can recycle the rest for cash if you like. The better your stats, the faster you’ll level up and the faster you’ll earn loot boxes that you can get more loot from to increase your stats (and so on).

Even though it is one big joke that pokes fun at the state of the increasingly loot box focused gaming industry, Loot Box Simulator is still surprisingly addictive. Shaking those little loot boxes and seeing what comes out is fun, especially once you have a few decent items and you start to be bombarded with a constant stream of loot boxes to open. Hopefully this isn’t really the future of gaming, but if it is, it’s easy to understand why!

Download Loot Box Simulator Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)