Loplight – Alpha Demo

Loplight is a Zelda inspired topdown pixel art action adventure where a bunny girl purges a fallen world of demonic forces.

Currently in development by Scumhead (creator of Vomitoreum and Lycanthorn), Loplight is an old school top-down action adventure set in a world overrun with demonic forces. You take on the role of Elda, a bunny girl who awakens with no memory and sets forth into the world in search of answers. Along the way she’ll solve puzzles, meet odd characters, fight monsters, battle bosses and hopefully revive the world.

The combat in Loplight is fairly simple, but challenging and fun. You have a melee attack, a ranged attack (which uses ammo) and the ability to block. The block generally negates all damage and timing of its use is vital if you want to survive the boss fights.

It’s a fun slice of old school action adventuring that offers a nice challenge and an interesting game world to explore. As you’d expect from Scumhead, the pixel artwork is fantastic (particularly for the bosses and cutscenes), and the character designs are all very creative. A bunny action adventure well worth hopping on.

Download The Loplight Alpha Demo Here (Windows)