Lord of the Horde – GameJam Build

Lord Of The Horde

Lord of the Horde is an Indies vs PewDiePie gamejam game where you control a horde of zombies that aim terrorize the neighborhood and turn the humans into minions.

In 10 simple levels, a mad scientist will lead you through what it takes to create and keep a horde of zombies alive. You are able to multiply the horde using toxic waste bins or just running into the frightened neighborhood people. Watch out for turrets or spinning boards, placed out by the neighborhood to stop you from your plan to take over the area. If some of the zombie horde gets too far away, or get caught on boxes or cars, they will also die. Each level has its own goal, asking you to convert a specific number of people into your horde. Once this number is reached, the mad scientist is happy with your work and will move you on to a new goal.

It’s great fun controlling your horde in this charming, minimalistic action-RTS.  Remember, you are their lord – it’s your job to help your zombies thrive and stay alive (or undead)!

Play Lord of the Horde in a Unity Supported Browser HERE