Lordz.io – Open Beta

Lordz.io is an addictive browser based multiplayer blend of real time strategy and tactical warfare in which you build and command an army, build alliances and destroy your enemy.

In Lordz.io you control a general who can amass an army of soldiers around them and build useful structures such as gold mines, archery towers, houses and mage towers. Gold mines can be built on top of gold deposits to help you gather gold, but these mines are highly coveted so you’ll often need to fight to capture them and fight to keep them. If you can’t capture any mines, you can also earn plenty of cash by collecting the coins that are scattered across the land and by defeating enemy units.

The cash you earn can be used to purchase buildings or units. The units range from weak little soldiers to fire breathing dragons, with each having their own strengths and weaknesses. Even if you come across a massive army you still have a chance of taking them out by killing the general (archers can be handy for that) and if you kill the general you can steal all of their units – as long as you’ve built enough units. It can be tough to survive on your own but if you join a clan you’ll stand a better chance.

It can be a bit of a struggle if you’re on a server with an overpowered opponent, but Lordz.io really impresses with its easily accessible twist on real-time tactical multiplayer warfare. There’s a nice amount of strategy to the gameplay and it can provide some pretty epic clashes between clans. Perfect for some fast paced browser based battles.

Play Lordz.io Here (Browser)