Lore Finder – Kickstarter Demo

Lore Finder is a stylish retro 2D cosmic horror action platformer metroidvania in which you search a monster infested mansion for your missing father, with only your wits, a revolver and some scrolls of forbidden lore to help you.

Currently in development by Kitsune Games (creators of Midboss), in Lore Finder you take control of K.C. Morgan, a paranormal investigator who is searching an old New England mansion for his father. However it soon becomes apparent that the mansion is full occult members and grotesque Lovecraftian monsters. Time to get out your trusty .38 revolver and send those ghouls packing!

For the most part the action platformer metroidvania gameplay is excellent – there’s a nice selection of scrolls to pick up which give you new abilities, the character is responsive and your gun packs a mighty kick. The controls of your gun are a little too rigid at the moment though – you can’t move and fire, you can’t jump and fire and you can’t even aim upwards. Some of this is negated by a projectile spell you collect later which allows you to jump and fire. But that just makes the gun obsolete (which is a shame as it’s great fun to fire).

Exploring the monster-filled mansion is great fun. One nice touch is how much the mansion changes as you play. As it’s a metroidvania there is a bit of backtracking, but most of the time when you’re making your way through an area something will have changed, such as new passageways, gloopy masses that block your access to areas or different types of enemies to encounter – all of which makes going back through the same area a lot more interesting.

Aside from the minor issues with the gun, Lore Finder is shaping up to be a great new metroidvania adventure with high quality pixel art animation, a nice sense of atmosphere, fun action platforming gameplay and an interesting game world that’s constantly changing. A mansion full of cosmic horrors and lore well worth finding.

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