Loretta – Beta Demo

Loretta is a dark psychological thriller/horror game that tells the story of an unsatisfied 1940’s housewife who reaches her breaking point.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was a short prototype, the latest build of Loretta is much longer and delves into the story of Loretta’s unhappy family life. It’s a narrative-driven adventure where your choices affect how the story plays out as a 1940’s housewife struggles with her life in a run-down old farm house in rural America.

Due to some gambling debts Loretta’s husband has had to sell their city apartment and move them both to a farm house that used to belong to his parents. The house is very run down and country life is not for Loretta. She longs to go back to the city, she longs for independence and she longs for a faithful husband. None of those things look like they’re coming her way anytime soon, so maybe she’ll have to take matters into her own hands…

The current build of Loretta takes around 40 minutes to play through and it’s a riveting adventure with a great visual style, well formed characters and some creative twists to the gameplay. Loretta’s character is particularly interesting – her husband may not be man of the year, but she’s no angel either. Not just that she can be driven to murder, but that she may have been at fault for the loss of their child. The only thing that’s for sure is that their marriage isn’t going to end well!

Download The Loretta Beta Demo Here (Windows)