LORN – Alpha Demo

LORN is a tense and atmospheric first person survival horror adventure set in a medieval fantasy world that’s been engulfed in darkness by a tyrannical King.

In LORN, you play Voss, a once loyal servant of your King. The King was beloved, but now it seems his quest for immortality has led him to betray his people in the worst way imaginable. Taking his entire kingdom by surprise, he harvested all of their souls in a single day, sealing them inside an ancient artefact called “The Heart of Souls”. The King had intended to give the artefact to ‘They’ who come from above in exchange for the gift of immortality, but you have stolen it. Now you run through the ruins of the Forsaken Mines, deep below the Earth, stalked by monsters with millions of souls in your pocket, looking for some way to set things right.

There’s a real sense of tension as you explore the world of LORN, with its dark and gloomy atmosphere, deep sense of isolation and unpredictable enemies to avoid. It features a stealth-focused approach to the gameplay, with you sneaking, running and hiding, as you attempt to avoid confrontation at all costs. You’ll also need to keep your wits around you – it can be quite easy to get lost within the labyrinthine game world, especially when running away from a monster!

LORN does have a few niggles – the gloomy visual filter seems a little too dense and stopping to read the notes breaks up the gameplay (Bioshock-style audiologs may be better). It’s still very early in development though and really impresses with its dread-filled atmosphere, freaky monster design and intriguing narrative. A dark and disturbing horror adventure well worth delving into.

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Download The LORN Alpha Demo Build Here (Windows)