Lorn’s Lure – Beta Demo

Lorn’s Lure is a fantastic speedrunning free-climbing Sci-Fi adventure where an android searches for a strange anomaly in a vast megastructure that it’s been trapped in for hundreds of years.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year, Lorn’s Lure is a first person parkour and freeclimbing adventure set within a massive megastructure. You take on the role of an android who lived outside of the structure, but was lured in by a strange floating entity. You’ve now been trapped in the megastructure for over two hundred years and you’re still searching for the entity. Your only hope is to find it before your energy core runs out.

The current build of Lorn’s Lure features one large multi-route level and an unlockable bonus level that will really test your platforming skills. You’re fast and agile, and as you’re an android you can survive reasonably large drops (but you can die if you drop too far). You also have a set of handy climbing picks, which you can use to scale walls and even jump between walls.

First person platforming is something that very few games get right, but Lorn’s Lure is a masterclass in how to do it properly. Your character is capable of an incredible amount of precision as they perform heart-stopping jumps and the freedom you have to make your way through its vast environments is unparalleled. No other first person platfomer has ever given the incredible feeling of precision, peril and freedom that Lorn’s Lure does. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Lorn’s Lure Beta Demo Here (Steam)