Loss Of Fluid – Game Jam Build Download

loss of fluid

Loss of Fluid is a tricky flight simulation game that challenges you to perform an emergency landing of a malfunctioning cargo plane.

Loss of Fluid picks up just as your plane’s hydraulic and fuel systems fail, causing you to lose control of your landing gear and ailerons and the plane to rapidly eject its remaining fuel reserves. In order to safely land the plane, you’ll need to alternate between activating the left and right engines. But like paddling with a set of unwieldy oars, activating an engine will send you spiralling in the opposite direction. These controls are quite difficult to master; it will take some careful button presses and quick calculations to successfully move the plane towards the airport landing strip and eventually touch down. Loss of Fluid is hard, make no mistakes about it. If you spin out even for a moment, regaining control becomes not just about avoiding a crash but also adjusting your momentum to move in the proper direction.

There are currently two versions of the game available to play, the first version of the game that was built for Ludum Dare 34 and a more recent updated version of the game that addresses some bugs and adds an additional level of difficulty for those craving a truly punishing game. In the PostJam build, in addition to the wonky flight controls, you will also have to deploy your landing gear by making a series of sharp left and right turns to dislodge them from their raised positions.

The rolling desert hills and valleys in Loss of Fluid are depicted with an animation technique called texture masking. Watching the shimmering wastes is almost hypnotic, and if you aren’t careful, you may find the mirage effect playing tricks on your eyes. Otherwise, the game’s presentation is kept clean and simple. There are no distractions. There is only you, your plane, and the threat of a violent, fiery death. Good luck.

Download or Play Loss of Fluid Here (Win & Browser)