Lost Between – Alpha Demo

Lost Between is a surreal psychological horror adventure where a young woman makes a journey through the real world and her nightmares as she tries to understand the traumatic events that happened to her.

In Lost Between you awaken in the basement of a mysterious abandoned church and set out in search of answers. The game is non-linear and allows you to explore, search for clues, solve puzzles and uncover as much (or as little) of the story as you like. The further you get, the stranger things become and there are plenty of ways to die if you’re not careful.

It’s still early in development so it has quite a few rough edges. Major issues at the moment are the writing (english isn’t the dev’s first language), confusing pathfinding, dim lighting, a flashlight that eats batteries and gives very little light, and the fact that when you have low health the screen goes permanently blurry until you heal yourself.

There’s also a lot to like about Lost Between though. The environmental design is fantastic, with some breathtaking scenery and lots of great little details (such as the creepy drawings scrawled across walls). The (majority of the) puzzles are well designed and the game has a very intense and unsettling atmosphere. It’s quite remarkable that it’s being developed by just one person. Hopefully they continue to work on it as it has a lot of potential.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Lost Between Alpha Demo Here (Windows)