Lost Direction – Game Jam Build Download

Lost Direction is a Backrooms inspired liminal space horror game where you get lost in a disorientating and unsettling infinite network of rooms.

Created for the inspireJam 2022, in Lost Direction you find yourself lost and alone in a strange infinite network of rooms. You have no prescribed direction to head in and no real objectives, just explore and see what you find. It’s not clear whether it’s actually possible to escape, but there are different floors and different named areas to discover (such as Null Reality and Negative Depth). You may also notice the occasional anomaly, such as strange noises, moving chairs or TVs with creepy Mandela Catalogue-esque words appearing on them.

At times the grainy visuals and flashlight movement (especially when strafing) can make it a little hard to see where you’re going, but there’s no denying Lost Direction is a very tense and atmospheric experience. It’s also incredibly hard to put down as you’re always curious about what may be lurking around the next corner. A weird and creepy infinite space well worth getting lost in.

Download Lost Direction Here (Windows)