Lost Dreams – Game Jam Build Download

Lost Dreams

Lost Dreams, a beautiful adventure with adult themes made for My First Game Jam, has you using rhythm based combat and solving puzzles as you explore and conquer the fears of a young child.

You are a dreaming child who was once unhappy. The only place you found sanctum was in your sleep, so you decided to sleep forever. This was okay for a while, you made a friend in your dream world and could be anything you wanted. After a while, however, your dream self seemed boring and dull. So, you decided to escape your dream and come back to your reality. The only issue is, the friends you have made in your dream do not want you to go.

These friends represent your fears. Each one is different and in need of some sort of help before you are able to battle them and escape. Some have lost items while others are looking for normality to be restored to them. After you have solved each person’s specific need, you will need to fight them in a rhythm-based battle to see if you can overcome that fear. Each fear you defeat is a step closer to escaping your dreams.

There are quite a few different endings to this game, most of them being bad endings, so it make take a few plays to get correct. The strange visual style paired with the themes of your fears, really adds quite a bit to this game.  Will you to face your fears and wake up?

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available