Lost in Play – Beta Demo

Lost in Play is a delightful hand animated puzzle adventure about a young brother and sister who get lost in their imagination.

In Lost in Play you follow the adventure of a little girl and her older brother whose imagination comes to life when they find themselves trapped in a strange dreamworld. You now need to solve puzzles and complete fun little minigames as they try to get back home.

The Lost in Play demo build takes around half an hour to play through and contains three scenes where you play as the girl and one where you play as the brother. It plays quite similarly to a traditional point and click adventure, with you searching for objects and figuring out where to use them. The puzzles are fairly easy, but there are also lots of clever little minigames that can be a little tricker.

It’s an absolutely wonderful adventure that’s bursting with joy and childlike imagination. The visuals are packed full of charm and make it feel like you’re playing an interactive cartoon. It’s the sort of game that puts a big smile on your face from start to finish. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Lost in Play Beta Demo Here (Steam)