Lost on an Alien World – Prototype Download

Lost on an Alien World is a challenging and addictive single-screen retro styled 2D roguelike where you attempt to blast your way out of an alien world.

In each procedurally generated single-screen level of Lost on an Alien World your aim is to destroy four of the five glowing white alien relics, then escape through the fifth one (which turns into a door/portal). You can use your jetpack to help you move around the level and you aim with the mouse (which is extremely accurate).

The current build tasks you with conquering 10 procedurally generated levels, including a couple of boss fights. It’s very tough, but you earn cash from every enemy you dispatch and from crates that you loot, which can then be used to purchase weapons, powerful magical attacks and upgrades for your character from vending machines.

It may be an early prototype, but Lost on an Alien World already has a solid gameplay loop and a great sense of style. The purchasable weapons and upgrades could do with being a little more powerful and spectacular (the shotgun and bow are particularly bad). Other than that though it’s a very addictive game that delivers a great little slice of single-screen roguelike action. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Lost on an Alien World Prototype Here (Windows & Mac)