Lost Smokes – Game Jam Build

Lost Smokes, a heartfelt and personal narrative-based point and click game made for the Remember the Dead Jam, has you trying to find your grandmother’s cigarettes in her home.

Your grandmother has been a big part of your life. You spent a lot of time at her home, visiting her and your grandfather. She had a lot of quirks – including how much she smoked. It was a ritual that she did every day, until suddenly, she didn’t. She completely forgot that she smoked, along with a lot of other aspects of her life. No one reminded her of her cigarette habit.

One day, she woke up and remembered that she smoked – she remembered everything. Your family rushed over to her house to see her and help her find her cigarettes. That’s what you are doing now, exploring a house full of memories, looking for some hidden cigarettes that your grandmother wants.

Each room of the house is decorated and clearly lived in – all of the different items come with a story or a memory that you can recall. As you explore each room and every belonging, you learn more and more about the family that lives here. Every object in this house tells a real and relatable story. It’s lovely little adventure and a fitting tribute the lives of a couple who are now gone, but certainly not forgotten.

Play Lost Smokes Here (Browser)