Louny Balloony – Alpha Demo

Louny Balloony is a charming high flying side-scrolling 2D platforming adventure where you collect balloons, avoid hazards and battle bosses while soaring through the open air.

Playing similarly to Balloon Kid (the Game Boy sequel to Balloon Fight), in Louny Balloony you take control of Louny, a cheerful little balloon enthusiast who uses balloons and feathers to allow him to soar through the skies. Unfortunately the skies are fairly crowded and there are some enemies that actively want to burst Louny’s bubble (metaphorically and physically), so you need to dodge them and keep your balloons and feathers stocked up.

It’s a simple, charming and addictive little game with a great visual style and a wonderfully whimsical premise. Well worth checking out for a bit of light hearted high flying fun.

Download The Louny Balloony Alpha Demo Here (Windows)