Lousy Life Lessons – Game Jam Build

Lousy Life Lessons is a stylish little narrative driven platforming adventure that follows a stunt cat who carries out deadly stunts in the name of love.

In Lousy Life Lessons you follow the story of Pawel Purrlovski, a tallented cat who can carry out exceptional stunts. One day he is carrying out a simple stunt job for a movie he claps eyes on Kitty Pawstein, a glamorous movie star who he is instantly smitten with. He’ll now dedicate his nine lives to getting her attention and winning her heart, by pulling off the most ambitious stunts in the business.

There are nine levels in Lousy Life Lessons, each of which sees Pawel Purrlovski burning up another life as he attempts to nail a (not so) death defying stunt. They’re reasonably challenging, there’s a nice variety of gameplay types and it’s got a great visual style. It’s the narrative, voicework and cutscenes that really impresses about Lousy Life Lessons though. It’s got a great noir aesthetic and the devotion of Pawel Purrlovski is admirable – so much so that when you’re given an important choice at the end, you know that there’s only one option that Pawel would realy ever go for.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Lousy Life Lessons Here (Windows)