Love Supreme – Prototype Download


Love Supreme is a marvelous little dancing game in which every key on the keyboard is mapped to a different movement of a body part.

Still VERY early in development, the prototype is a short, but joyous taster of things to come, with you busting a groove along to a super catchy funk song.  Most of the keys on the keyboard are mapped to a certain movement (eg, QWE controls the head, ASDZXC controls what direction you lean, etc.), so you just press the corresponding keys to dance along to the music as you see fit.  The Spacebar can also be pressed to put you into a random pose, which looks great when combined with the lean buttons.

The prototype is early in development, so there is no scoring system implemented yet, you just dance along to some funky beats and have fun.  We can’t wait to see more of Love Supreme, as the even in this very early form it’s a joy to play.  Super silly, super funky dancing.

Check Out a Gameplay Video HERE

Download Love Supreme HERE (Windows Only)