Lovecraft’s Untold Stories – Alpha Demo

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is a creepy and challenging roguelike survival horror game which sees you exploring a procedurally generated mansion populated by lovecraftian monsters, traps and occult relics.

In Lovecraft’s Untold Stories you take control of a shotgun wielding detective (more characters will be available in future builds) who is who finds himself trapped in a mysterious old mansion filled with Lovecraftian monsters. The game plays a little like a Lovecraftian Binding of Isaac, with minster-filed kill rooms and a similar twin-stick combat style. It also features survival horror elements too though, such as inventory management and puzzles.

Only some of the rooms you enter will be monster-filled kill rooms, there are also lots of rooms that contain strange Lovecraftian totems, relics and monuments which you can interact with in different ways. The interaction you choose from can have varying effects such as decreasing your health, reducing your sanity or teleporting you to another location, but will also often give you cash or info points which you can use to purchase useful items from vendors. The vendors items are pretty expensive, but certainly worth purchasing as they can increase your chances of survival significantly.

You’ll die quite a lot in Lovecraft’s Untold Stories, each time transporting you back to the start with a new randomly generated mansion to explore. As in The Binding of Isaac, there is an element of luck involved as to which items you discover, which can have a big effect on your chances of success. There may also be the occasional room that you enter that’s overrun by enemies which can cause a swift death, but generally if you exercise caution, loot everything you can and search for secrets then you’ll have a good chance of surviving the mansion.

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories is still early in development but it’s already shaping up to be a fantastic roguelike adventure. The random occult relics, monuments and monsters that you come across make the mansion a very interesting place to explore. Meanwhile, the atmosphere is very tense and claustrophobic, the pixel art animation is excellent and the shotgun-wielding combat is very intense. These untold stories deserve to be told. Highly recommended.

Tips: When playing with a control pad the right analog stick shoots the gun and the D-pad is used for inventory shortcuts (such as health packs). Also, if you activate the bone door it will trigger the end of the demo, so you may want to explore the rest of the mansion first. Some rooms contain hidden doors which you can activate – often leading to some useful loot!

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