Lovesick – GameJam Build Download

lovesick game download
Lovesick is a gloriously gross game that sees a newly married couple coping with projectile vomit and explosive diarrhea by trying to fire as much of it as possible into the toilet.

After consuming undercooked shrimp on their wedding night, the newly weds are hunkered down in the bathroom ready for the worst.  What follows is an explosion of barf and faeces as players take control of one the happy couple each, and aim to get as much of barf into the toilet as possible.  The player with the most barf in the toilet wins (but there really are no ‘winners’ in this game).

Built for the Barfcade Jam, Lovesick is very childish an immature, but also fabulously funny.  The visuals and audio are reminiscent of South Park, and it’s pretty much the same level of humor (in a good way).  You really can’t help but laugh as the groom yells ‘I’m pooping, I’m pooping’ while he flies across the screen being propelled by his own excrement, as the bride shouts ‘pull my hair back’ between hurls.

Short, sweet and very very sick, Lovesick is a blast – a charming game full of love, vomit and poop.

Download Lovesick HERE (Win & Mac)