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LUCAH is a ridiculously stylish and tense dungeon crawling action RPG with intense Dark Soulsian combat, beautifully animated visuals and a dark narrative in which you explore a nightmarish, monster infested-world.

We first featured LUCAH back in 2016 and were very impressed with it’s striking visual style, deep tactical combat and freaky enemies. The previous build was more of a series of random kill rooms, but this latest build is more of a fully fledged action RPG, with a dark narrative, handcrafted (non-procedurally generated) level design, XP, load-out customization, upgrades and bosses that will kick your ass.

The level of apprehension you feel as you enter a new area in LUCAH feels akin to Dark Souls – you know there’s something nasty about to appear, it’s just a question of how nasty and what tactics you’re going to use to combat it. You have a nice selection of combat skills available to deal with the enemies too, with you able to dodge, parry, use mana-based ranged attacks, charged attacks and weak or strong melee attacks. You can also tailor two custom loadouts to suit your playstyle and switch between them on the fly during battle at the press of a button.

All the new additions in the latest build make for a challenging, addictive and thoroughly captivating action RPG experience, but it’s the atmosphere that really stands out in LUCAH. The dark, claustrophobic world design, freaky monsters, cryptic narrative beats, high stakes combat and the superb audio design help create a tension you could cut with a knife – but something hideous would probably reach out and cut you back! Highly recommended dark and deadly dungeon crawling.

Important Notes: The well area at the left of the final level is optional and is super tough. It is beatable though!

Every time you die, you’ll notice a percentage increasing – this represents your ‘corruption’, which doesn’t really do anything in the current build, but will play a major part in the full game.

Download The LUCAH Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)

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