LUCAH – Pre-Alpha Demo


LUCAH is a very stylish and challenging nightmarish action RPG with beautiful minimalist visuals and tactical combat reminiscent of the Dark Souls series.

The current build os LUCAH focuses on the combat, pitting you against a increasingly deadly enemies in a series of kill rooms. After you kill a set amount of enemies you’ll get a choice of upgrading your health or your mana, or just replenishing your health and mana.

The combat in LUCAH is very tactical, with you managing your stamina bar, timing your attacks and deflecting your enemies blows with your shield. As well as three interchangeable normal attacks you also have two mana-powered special attacks that are performed by a floating drone that follows you around.  Mana replenishes a little after every successful attack, and really comes in handy when coming up against some of the more powerful enemies.

There are lots of different types of enemies in the Demo, each of which looks terrifically menacing, can kill you in just a few blows and gives you that same ‘oh shit what does this one do’ feeling that you get when meeting a new enemy in Dark Souls. Considering the current build is only a Combat Demo, we can’t wait to see more of the full game, as the core combat is very satisfying and we really can’t get enough of those dark, sketchy, minimalist visuals. A deliciously dark little nightmare you won’t want to wake up from.

Check Out a LUCAH Gameplay Video Here

Download The LUCAH Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)