Lucid Lucia – Beta Demo

Lucid Lucia is a 2D puzzle platforming action adventure where you can leave your body and possess other people and creatures.

Currently in development by Tracy Rascal Studios (creators of Lasagne Boy), Lucid Lucia follows the story of a mysterious girl called Lucia who lives her life trapped in a cell in a research facility. One day someone appears to her in a dream and tells her she can escape, but she’ll have to help him out in return.

Lucia’s arms are bound in a straightjacket for the entirety of the demo, but thankfully she doesn’t really need them. She can jump, kick, run and slide, but her most useful ability usher psionic powers. She can leave her body to fight spirits and possess creatures and humans. This comes in handy for accessing out of reach areas, activating switches and chewing through wires.

At the moment the Lucid Lucia demo kinda feels like one large tutorial that doesn’t really trust the player to work things out for themselves. Aside from that though, it’s a very promising game. The pixel art is excellent, the narrative is intriguing and the psionic abilities have a lot of potential. Time to make your escape!

Note: There is a way to escape the cell you start in. It revolves around not doing what you’re told to do.

Download The Lucid Lucia Beta Demo Here (Windows)