Luckslinger – Alpha Demo


Luckslinger is a wonderful hip-hop infused spaghetti western action platformer with a great sense of humor, and an interesting game mechanic where luck has a huge effect on the world around you.

At it’s core Luckslinger is an action platformer – one of the freshest, wittiest and strangest you’re likely to play.  The luck mechanic plays a pivotal role in the game – if your luck levels are low bad things will happen (platforms collapsing, etc), but if your luck levels are high good things will happen (bullets deflect, platforms appear out of nowhere, etc).  It’s a fun system, that keeps things interesting but never really feels too unfair when you’re down on your luck.

Luck is only a small part of what makes this game a joy to play though, the hip-hop infused western style of the game is ridiculously cool – with a great soundtrack and well crafted pixel art visuals, full of neat little touches.  You’re not alone on this journey, you can acquire a horse, there are some friendly folks in the town you stay in, and you’re accompanied everywhere you go by your trusty duck (every hip-hop cowboy should have a duck).

Charming, weird, inventive, surprising and most importantly fun, Luckslinger is a joy to play from start to finish.  Hopefully it’s lucky enough to succeed in it’s Kickstarter!

Check Out the Luckslinger Kickstarter HERE

Check Out the Greenlight Page & Download the Alpha Demo HERE (Win & Mac)