Lucky Tower Ultimate – Alpha Demo

Lucky Tower Ultimate is a very funny roguelike action adventure where a narcissistic knight attempts to escape from a deadly tower.

The 2D action platforming gameplay in Lucky Tower Ultimate is a little like Rogue Legacy, but with lots more laughs and nudity. You take on the role of a rather hapless knight who is trapped at the top of a randomly generated tower. As he makes his way down he’ll battle monsters, avoid traps, collect loot and recruit companions. He also has to deal with a nefarious dungeon master who will pop up now and again to aid or impede him.

It could do with a little more balancing and tightening up the combat, but other than that it’s a blast traversing Lucky Tower Ultimate’s trap-filled tower. This is thanks largely to the excellent voice acting and humor, as well as all the silly surprises you discover along the way. It’s one of the few games that will make you laugh when you die, rather than get frustrated. Highly recommended.

Download The Lucky Tower Ultimate Alpha Demo Here (Steam)