LucyDity – Student Project Download


LucyDity, a student project created by Thugganauts, is an impressive story driven puzzle platformer that is not only visually pleasing, but gives you a feeling of tranquillity as you play.

You play as Lucy, a woman that is trying to escape Limbo after a horrific car crash that leaves her in a coma. You have very little memory of who you are, what has happened and for that matter, where you are. You get dropped into an abstract setting, where no paths ever match up and all that surrounds you are stars and a bottomless pit beneath you. When you finally decide to stop taking in the gorgeous scenery before you, you begin to realise that the world begins to shift and move as you get closer to each dead-end. Pillars lift up entirely, blocks whisk you away from the bottom of the map to the highest point possible and blocks that aren’t even near you begin to form bridges for you to traverse even further into the strange and unknown.

As you continue to play you’re greeted by a “glowing ball of stuff” that turns out to be a deceased friend from your past. This friend begins to guide you and fill you in on the blanks (thankfully nowhere near as annoying as Navi!). Questions arise as you travel with this ghost. Are you dead? How can the ghost move stuff without a problem? Where are you? ect. After a small chat as you run around the labyrinth styles platforms you get filled in on what’s going on around you and why you’re here, this is also the moment when things get really interesting. The more creative your mind becomes (happens every time you finish a level and find memory fragments) the more the world around you changes and this also gives you the abilities necessary to alter objects to make it easier for yourself to move through Limbo, without the assistance of the dearly departed.

LucyDity is amazingly built for a student project and a game that you can lose yourself in, relax to or just sit there and take in the clarity and calm of the games landscape and design. A must play for everyone!

Download LucyDity Here (Windows Only)