Lullaby – GameJam Build Download

Lullaby game

Lullaby is a short and very creepy first person horror game that sees you trying to escape from a house inhabited by a dark malevolent spirit, while trying to deal with a crying baby.

Built for #asylumjam, Lullaby is set in a family house on Christmas Eve 1995, where a malevolent spirit is trying to reach the baby while you try and solve puzzles to escape.  You can keep the dark spirit at bay (and stop the baby crying) by picking up the baby, BUT this means that you can’t interact with anything – not even doors.  So to escape from the house you’ll have to put the baby down, rush off solve a piece of the puzzle and get back to the baby before the darkness reaches it –  making for a very tense and unnerving experience.

It’s highly recommended to play Lullaby with headphones, as the audio track and baby cries really do build a lot of tension.  It’s well worth playing though to completion as the reveal at the end dramatically changes the events of the game.  A full playthough of Lullaby will take 10 – 15 minutes and it’s a pretty unforgettable experience, that baby’s cries will haunt you long after you escape from the house.

Watch out attempt at babysitting HERE (Contains Spoilers)

Download Lullaby HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)