Lumberjack Jacque and the Ritual of Doom – Game Jam Build

lumberjack jaques

Lumberjack Jacque and the Ritual of Doom, a short, charming adventure game made for the Global Game Jam 2016, has you trying to help a nearby village which has become haunted by a demon.

You are a lumberjack who lives out deep in the forest near a village. You live far away so that you can chop down trees and live your life. One dark night, a distressed villager came to your home, hurt and talking about some sort of sacrifice. You decide to go investigate the nearby town to see what this man is talking about.

After going through the forest, you find that there are some weird demon wolves wondering about. Thankfully, you brought your trusty axe to keep them back. Once you make it to the village, you start to see the weird happenings that have taken place. Many of the villagers have left their home; the local Inn is nearly deserted. Others are hiding or rambling on about a ritual. You need to collect items and solve puzzles get to the bottom of all this weirdness. There may be more at play here than a demon…

Play Lumberjack Jacque and the Ritual of Doom Here