Lumencraft – Alpha Demo

Lumencraft is a Sci-Fi top-down survival shooter where you mine resources on a hostile planet and use them to upgrade and defend your base.

Lumencraft takes place in the year 2221 where humanity has made Earth an inhabitable husk and pushed the human race to the brink of extinction. There is one spark of hope though – a newly discovered mineral called Lumen which is a potent source of power. You take on the role of a brave miner who has been tasked with harvesting Lumen and saving mankind. However, it won’t be easy as your mining base is constantly being attacked by hostile lifeforms.

As you explore Lumencraft’s fully destructible world you’ll be able to harvest resources and use them to upgrade your weapons, equipement and defenses. You can mine and blow your way through most of the environment and you’ll need to if you want to snag all that lovely Lumen. You always need to be prepared for a fight though and it’s best not to leave your base undefended.

It’s a promising game with lots of environmental destruction, some cool physics (such as flowing lava), and easily accessible crafting/base management elements. An addictive Sci-Fi survival shooter well worth digging into.

Download The Lumencraft Alpha Demo Here (Steam)