Lumiette – Alpha Download

Lumiette is a beautiful, dream-like and uplifting vertically scrolling bullet hell shoot ‘em up where you explore what lies beyond the sky and stars of your dreams.

In Lumiette you awoken an hear the voice of a mysterious being who promises you an incredible journey that’ll take you out of the city you’ve lived in all your life and allow you to soar through the skies among the stars you’ve only ever seen from afar. The being warns that it won’t be easy, with your resolve being tested all the way, but you will enjoy the experience nonetheless.

The twin-stick shooting gameplay in Lumiette draws inspiration from Gunroar and the level design is inspired by classic CAV and Team Shanghai Alice shooters. You can aim your attacks within a cone shape using the left analog stick, use a stronger focus shot by holding the left trigger (sacrificing a little mobility) and you can use a super attack by pressing the right trigger when your energy is full. When defeated your enemies will drop loads of pick-ups which you can auto-collect by moving your ship near the top of the screen.

The current build of Lumiette features a single level and even in its current early stage of development it’s a delight to play.The dreamy atmosphere of the game manages to strike a very different tone from most bullet hell shooters and create a very unique take on the genre. Bullet hell shooter are normally adrenaline fuelled and stressful experiences, but even when the entire screen is filled with bullets Lumiette is still an oddly calming and meditative experience. That’s not to say it’s easy (it’s really not), but the calming atmosphere means you don’t stress out or panic when things go wrong. More bullet heaven than bullet hell.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Lumiette Alpha Here (Windows)