Lumini – Pre-Alpha Demo


Lumini is a 2.5D ‘flow’ adventure game where you take control of a school of winged fish in a beautiful fantasy world where everything is out to get you.

The game is best played with a 360 controller since each analogue stick can be used to split your swarm to two separate groups.  You also have the ability to grow your school of ilumini and unlock new types of ilumini with special abilities by collecting glowing elements and taking them to a special artefact.  These different types of lumini and the ability to split your school in two are used to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles in this beautiful/dangerous underwater world.

It’s a very enjoyable experience, with smooth controls, great visuals, an excellent soundtrack and an overall feeling of tranquillity.  It’s like a serene version of Echo The Dolphin, with more fish and beautiful visuals.

Visit the (already Greenlit) Steam Greenlight page HERE

Download and play the Beta HERE