Lumione – Beta Demo

Lumione is a beautiful Celeste-esque precision platforming adventure that follows a deep-sea fairy as they try to restore the Light of Hope to the seabed.

In Lumione you take control of a deep-sea fairy called Glimmer who sets out on an adventure to restore light to the seabed. It’s an uplifting story that revolves around chasing dreams and having hope as you face the many trials between you and your goal. The gameplay is quite similar to Celeste, with you able to use wall-jumps and aimable air-dashes to tackle its challenging levels.

Lumione’s levels are well designed, offering a high amount of challenge while avoiding being frustrating thanks to its quick restarts and responsive controls. The Unreal Engine powered visuals are also beautiful, making for a wonderfully pretty and tranquil setting for you to repeatedly die in!

Download The Lumione Beta Demo Here (Steam)