Luna Online: Reborn – Beta Key Giveaway

Luna Online Reborn

Luna Online: Reborn is a remake of the popular (but now defunct) Anime-themed Luna Online, performing some welcome tweaks and additions to the original, while retaining it’s cheerful world and fun gameplay.

In Luna Online: Reborn players will be able to explore the lush, vibrant world of Bluelands – a world filled with charming characters to meet and big monsters to beat. There’s a lot of variety in Luna Online: Reborn, with 116 character classes, 500 skills, over 100 different pets and 50,000 different items. Players will be able to go on raids, fight bosses, upgrade gear, build and decorate their own homes, ride vehicles and even have romances with other players online, then get married and start their own little family! It’s a vibrant and cheerful MMO with a large emphasis on social interaction and just having fun.

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We have 1000 Luna Online: Reborn Beta Keys To Giveaway! Claim Yours Via The Widget Below, please note, the Beta doesn’t start until March 30th:

UPDATE: Giveaway finished. Better luck next time!