Luna Online: Reborn – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

Luna Online: Reborn is a super cute Anime-styled massively multiplayer RPG that allows players to explore, battle monsters, drive vehicles, collect powerful pets, play games, go on rides, hang out with friends, find love, build a house and settle down in the the cheerful fantasy world of Blueland.

Luna Online: Reborn is (as the name suggests) a remake of the popular, Luna Online MMORPG which shut down in 2012, modernised and updated with more easily accessible gameplay. It features four unique character classes with hundreds of progression paths to follow, raids, boss fights, pets, guilds, vehicles, mounts and a vast array customisation options. There’s lots to of in the game world, but It’s the social aspects that are most enticing, with you able to hang out and have fun with friends or even search for true love in the games Date Dungeons.

It may not have the visual polish and spectacle of WoW or FFXIV, but the cheerful fantasy world of Luna Online: Reborn has plenty to offer with its lighthearted take on the MMORPG genre. A great place hang out, go on raids and maybe even find a special someone to settle down with. To celebrate Luna Online: Reborn’s launch on Steam we have 1000 Steam beta keys to giveaway! The Beta will run until October the 6th at 5pm EDT (when it launches on Steam). To claim a Key, simply perform any 2 actions in the widget below and your key will appear in the widget instantly!

You Can Visit The Luna Online: Reborn Steam Page Here

Luna Online: Reborn – Steam Beta Key Giveaway!