LUNA: The Shadow Dust – Pre-Alpha Demo

LUNA The Shadow Dust

LUNA – The Shadow Dust is a gorgeous 2D point and click adventure puzzle game with high quality Studio Ghibli-esque artwork and animation, in which you take control of a boy and his cute little friend, who go on a journey to bring balance to their troubled enchanted world.

The gameplay in LUNA: The Shadow Dust is reminiscent of Machinarium or Samorost, with you travelling through beautifully detailed environments, solving puzzles and the story unfolding through visual and audio cues, without a single word needing to be spoken.  The puzzles on display in the Pre-Alpha Demo are cleverly designed, with you able to work the out with a little experimentation and logic.  It’s the fantastic audio and visual design that really stands out though, with the superb hand drawn animation, lush backgrounds and dream-like soundtrack transporting you to a magical world full of wonder and beauty.

LUNA – The Shadow Dust is a must play if you’re a fan of point and click adventures, good storytelling or quality animation.  It’s already had a successful Kickstarter campaign and been Greenlit on Steam, which is great news and we really can’t wait to explore more of this enchanted world.

Download The LUNA Pre-Alpha Demo Here