Lunacy: Saint Rhodes – Alpha Demo

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Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is a very tense and terrifying first person psychological horror game in which you explore a very creepy house you’ve just moved into and unearth its dark past.

In Lunacy: Saint Rhodes you take on the role of an eleven year old boy who’s just moved into a new house with his mother. She’s out at work though and it’s night time so you explore the house and start to discover that it’s haunted by dark spirits from the its disturbing part.

The level of visual detail in Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is incredible – easily on par with Resident Evil 7. The home is just as creepy as RE7’s as well, furnished with crosses, unsettling photos and weird paintings – and haunted by some horrifying entities. God knows why your mother bought the house and left you there alone, but she’s hardly going to win mother of the year award for doing so!

Lunacy: Saint Rhodes has a very tense atmosphere, created with its with superb audio and visual design, but the gameplay can get a little frustrating at times. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s often hard to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing, often because the locations of the keys that you need to unlock the doors are randomized and can be very hard to find. It’s a shame as these frustrations can really detract from the genuinely tense and scary atmosphere the game builds.

At the moment it’s an incredibly terrifying but also very frustrating experience. If the devs can remove these frustrations (perhaps just by removing the random key placement), then Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is going to be a fantastic addition to the psychological horror genre. As it stands it’s not perfect, but it’s still very, very scary!

Note: As the key locations are randomized each time you play through, sometimes it’s very hard to find the keys. If you’re struggling, it can be easier just restarting and try again.

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