Lunar Axe – Alpha Demo

Lunar Axe is a hand-drawn point and click horror adventure where you search for a magical weapon after an earthquake leaves you trapped inside an abandoned house.

In Lunar Axe you take on the role of a normal person who finds themselves trapped inside a mysterious old house after a strong earthquake. You now need to search for clues and useful items that you can use to solve puzzles which will aid your escape. But you’re not alone – the house is haunted by a guardian spirit who urges you to search for a powerful mystical artefact that’s linked to the recent earthquake. Escaping the house will only be the start of your adventure.

The current build of Lunar Axe takes around 20 minutes to play through and sees you trying to escape from the house following the earthquake. It could perhaps do with a “highlight all interactable objects” button but on the whole it’s a very impressive game with well thought out puzzles, a great sense of atmosphere and lots of beautiful hand-drawn artwork. A well crafted adventure well worth checking out.

Note: The may boot up in Portugese, but you can change it to English in the options menu.

Download Lunar Axe Alpha Demo Here (Windows)